Tina Fey photobombbbbbb


Who is even in this picture? Obviously Amy Poehler, but besides that, is that the nerdy chick from the Goonies? and who is that guy, Ryan Seacrest’s dad? Obviously none of this matters because all of the focus is around Tina Fey in the background, just straight cheesin’ for the cameras. Ah, I love Tina Fey!


Update: That IS the chick from the Goonies! and apparently that’s Mark Burnett, creator of survivor… like anyone really knows what he looks like.

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One thought on “Tina Fey photobombbbbbb

  1. […] award show, then you are guaranteed to find at least one amazing photobomb picture by her. Emmys? Check. Last years Golden Globes? Check. This years Golden […]

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