Little kid learns to funnel

I’m sure everyone is going to be up in arms about this video and how these parents are terrible. Sure, these people are probably going to end up on Good Morning America and have to explain to Matt Lauer how they are extremely sorry and they didn’t think this through and how they are teaching their children improper morals.. blah blah blah.

Fuck that.

I support these parents and their funneling methods. They are doing a great thing for this child. Let me explain, see first, when this kid is 18, he’s going to show all of his friends this video of how he was funneling when he was 4. This will in turn result in boatloads of pussy falling onto his lap. He’ll be the king of that school.

Now fast forward to college. Remember all that experience he just gained in highschool? Yeah where do you think that’s going to pay off? College. He’s going to end up at to some huge southern state school and just murk every party he steps into. Bitches beware. By now, funneling is so 2011, it’s 2027, he’s gotta be funneling 6 beers while doing cartwheels and taking shots of Patron. Granted he’ll either be the life of the party or the douche of the party. But here’s the kicker – so while all other other kids are trying to learn to be as cool as this kid, he can focus his time on studying! Kudos to the parents on this one.

My rationale worked out there right?

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