So Deena from the Jersey Shore thinks she can sing now?

Is it too much to just download the instrumental version of this song? I can totally hear Alicia in the background singing the song like it’s supposed to be sung. Whatever, on to the performance – seriously, it is painful. Like at the 0:57 mark, I can’t tell if singing, having an orgasm, or taking a shit. And don’t get me started on the dancing at the 2:00 mark. My problem with this video is that she’s completely serious. I mean, we’ve all been there where we’re recorded ourselves performing, but 90% of people realize that the videos are terrible and they don’t post them to YouTube. But at the end of the video,  she tossed on that “I just fucking nailed that song” face. Sorry sweetie, you didn’t, you sound like a reject from American Idol… like the ones that don’t even make the show.

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