Las Vegas man takes elephantiasis to a whole new level

Huffington Post — Wesley Warren Jr. has a huge problem.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Sin City man is asking for donations to help him afford a $1 million surgery to remove 100 pounds of tissue from his scrotum. Doctors are puzzled by what may have caused the rare condition known as scrotal elephantiasis, which typically develops in people living in the tropical sectors of Africa and Asia, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Sympathizers can direct donations to the email address

MMango and I naturally had a lot of back-and-forth IMs after watching this video. See if you can guess who said what…

“no doubt who’s got the biggest balls in the room”

“i wonder if he has to pay a bag fee when flying delta”

“and they say size doesn’t matter…”

“his fruit basket contains watermelons”

“balls of fury”

“he goes balls deep every time”

“it’s not hard for him to go balls to the wall”

“imagine getting teabagged by him? you’d be knocked out for days”

“his balls have literally swallowed his dick”


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