Top 5 Tompkins Square Dog parade costumes

Buzzfeed was on site and released their top 50 dog costumes from the Tompkins Square Dog Parade this weekend. I’m a big advocate against dressing dogs up, or putting them in any type of clothing for that matter. If a dog wanted to wear a hat or a sweater, it would get a job, make some money and buy itself some damn clothes. Well anyways, I checked out their pictures, and most of the costumes suck or are just dogs dressed up with no creativity . That being said, I thought I’d put together the top 5.

#5 – Three Little Pigs: So this is kind of what I meant by just dogs in costumes with little to no creativity. But this dog gets my vote for top 5 because he looks so totally into the costume. Just look at him, he’s beaming with excitement, you couldn’t wipe that smile off his face if you tried.

#4 Lady Gaga at the 2010 VMAs: Now apparently there were two other Lady Gaga costumes (meat dress and bubbles), but they were totally at amateur hour compared to this one. This pup clearly spent hours at the sewing machine perfecting the lace mask and matching top.

#3 – MTA Bus: Ironically enough, this dog resembles most of the people I encounter on the bus.

#2 – Squirrel: I may be biased since this picture is taken at the perfect angle, but god dammit this makes me laugh. Those little squirrel hands holding the acorn is just the icing on the cake. Correction, the look of utter defeat on the dog’s face is the icing.

#1 – War Veteran: I mean holy shit, way to turn a bad situation good. Oh what’s that, my back legs don’t work? Well that’s because I injured them dodging land mines in ‘Nam. Nice touch with the purple heart too, this guy didn’t miss a detail. It’s only a matter of time before he’s at the doggy park with a sign looking for spare change.

All photo credits to Buzzfeed, view the full list here
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