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Stache of the Day: Burt Reynolds

I can’t think of a more appropriate or a sexier way to end Movember.

Ladies and gentlemen: BURT REYNOLDS!

What. A. STUD.

See you next Movember!

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England really made their own version of the Jersey Shore

I’m speechless. Actually I’m not…I’m more relived. Relieved that America isn’t the only country that creates TV shows around trash. Hilariously amusing trash, but trash nonetheless. And how convenient is it that England has a place similar to the Jersey Shore and it’s called the Geordie Shore? I wasn’t sure if this was real. I had to look it up to see if MTV was just trying to pull a fast one but no, it’s a legitimate place.

Anyways, I browsed through a couple more videos. I’ll spare you the trouble and won’t post them because they’re practically inaudible. Not because of the video quality, but because of the British Geordie accent. I’m not one to talk; I prolly sound like an asshole to most people with my Boston accent, but I can safely say I’m glad I don’t look like this asshole.

sweet cleavage

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Santa’s on the naughty list

Is it bad that I’m not remotely shocked by any of these photos?


Seriously though, not surprised one bit by these kind of fucked up images. I’m going to chalk it up to all the Occupy Wall Street shit I see on a daily basis and the overall desensitization of America.

Either way, try not to shoot yourself as we head into the holiday season.


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Angry Birds BIGGEST fan

I can only hope he’s going to buy the navy dunks on the 4th shelf.

Editor’s note: Worst blog post ever. I’m so hungover. I hope Elizadeath can pick up some slack, because I am the mayor of struggle city right now.

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This made me LOL today (11/29/11)

Nothing to see here, just a cat sitting on the stairs crossing its legs. But to be honest, I can’t stop thinking of one song to go with this picture.. and that is Brandy.

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More kitten wrestling for your enjoyment

I seriously can’t get enough of this shit. Just makes me so stinkin’ happy I could burst!


I also have no qualms about the fact that I come across as a totally crazy cat lady with the amount of kitten images/videos I’ve been posting lately. I love cats cause they’re not needy. Looking at kittens is like watching a really bad reality TV show; it’s a nice escape from my everyday life.

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Stache of the day: Carlton Banks

Sadly, Movember is coming to a close and I for one am extremely sad about it. You’d be surprised how fun it is to troll the internet looking for mustache savvy celebrities that are worthy of being highlighted for a day. In order to lift your spirits (and mine), today’s stache goes to none other than Carlton Banks!


And if you thought you I was going to leave out the Carlton dance, then you my friend are just crazy.




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MDHT celebrates 100K!

Sometime over the weekend MDHT crossed a major milestone: we hit 100,000 all-time views. Since MMango and I were still in serious food comas and couldn’t lift our heads up long enough to toast and congratulate one another, we decided to celebrate last night with a Skype toast.

I classed it up, toasting with a mug of pinot noir (yes, a coffee mug) and MMango a bottle of champagne…the champagne of beers, that is.



See how happy we are??

Naturally after toasting how awesome we are, we started to get a little loopy…and maybe just a little bit tipsy.

So we started doing this:

oh no you don't girl!

no, no, no!

Which made us laugh:

real special

Which made us even loopier and caused us to get real weird:




Well maybe it was just MMango that got weird.

Anyways, thanks for being fans of MDHT and helping to be part of such a kick ass accomplishment!

MMango: I get weird, deal with it. But yes, thanks to all of our loyal followers, we couldn’t have done it without you. Can’t wait for the 1 million mark party that we’ll probably hit in the year 2035!

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Happy Cyber Monday

Found this classic piece of technology on my street corner when walking to work today. Something tells me this guy is taking advantage of some serious Cyber Monday deals.

Also, this is my Cyber Monday/leftover Black Friday steal:

Yep, the Morning After Clutch in mustard yellow suede. I’m dying. Can’t wait for it to arrive.

Anyone else find any goodies today?

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