Classy teacher bangs the entire football team

"I'm sorry.. sorry I got caught"

LEBANON Two former friends and students of the former Mason teacher accused of having sex with high school students say she plotted an insanity defense months before news of the scandal broke.

Tuesday marked the second day of testimony in the trial of Stacy Schuler, 33, who is accused of having sex with five Mason High School students at her Springboro home and providing them with alcohol.

On Tuesday, two Mason High School graduates, Katie DeGrazia and Brittany Doria, testified Tuesday that they had become friends with Schuler while they were students at the school. Doria said Schuler described herself as “black-out drunk,” then she woke up and found one of the boys next to her in bed.

Funny how when shit hits the fan, everyone’s excuse is “I was blacked out”. Oh I tried hooking up with you and you shut me down? I was blacked out. Oh I punched you in the face and then you kicked my ass? I was blacked out. Oh I bitched you out in front of an entire party? I was blacked out. If being blacked out was an alibi, I’m pretty sure I could get away with murder… who knows, maybe I have?

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