Trapeeezeee stars!

Talk about a hidden gem. I don’t know how I found this video, but this is me, my bestie and my sister on a trip to San Diego 3 years ago where decided we were going to take an outdoor trapeze lesson. Naturally, we filmed our performances and put it to a soundtrack of James Brown.

My bestie nailed his hand off jump on the 1st time, I wouldn’t expect anything different. It took me two times to make the leap of faith, but when I did get caught, I looked him in the eyes and said “I feel that  we have an incredible bond now”… he promptly burst out laughing, I tried to hang on, but he dropped me. Lastly, my sister on her last attempt, pulled the hawk move and nailed the catch and joined the club of master trapezers.

That same trip is where we also bought Luchador masks and wouldn’t stop flexing with our shirts off at my sister’s apartment.

ahhh memories. best. time. ever.

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