Elizadeath heads to the thick of the Occupy Wall Street protests

Ok…that’s not a totally true statement…but I am heading to Oakland for a quick work trip and I have to confess that I’m more than a little scared.

Our presentation is dumb early in the morning so I really shouldn’t be that nervous; I mean, police will still be eating donuts and shit (cause that’s what they do in the mornings, right?). There has to be an unofficial “no tear gas before 11AM” rule that I’m SURE will keep me safe. But it still makes me uneasy that while I’m spitting awesomely creative ideas to a group of strangers, hippies and other supernatural beings that can only be found in NW America, are most likely getting handcuffed and dragged by their dreadlocks around town. I am from New Hampshire…so what if I blend in/they think I’m part of the movement??

Anyways, since I’m heading to probably the most dangerous place in America/the world right now, I just wanted to quickly say my goodbyes in cause I don’t make it back. It’s been real.

xx (not)


Oh, and in case you’ve been living under a rock, this is what I’ll be dealing with:

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