R.I.P. Jamie Pierre

TGR – Professional skier Jamie Pierre died today in an avalanche at Snowbird, Utah.

The 39-year-old triggered the avalanche at 2:30 p.m. while snowboarding in the South Chute in Gad Valley. The slide swept Pierre off a cliff, while his partner was uninjured. Pierre likely died from trauma, as the avalanche did not bury him. The ski area is closed and not conducting avalanche control until next weekend.


This is crazy because I’ve skied the Gad Valley chutes. It’s an inbounds section at Snowbird that is beyond sexy. What’s even crazier, is the fact that Jamie Pierre, dropped a 255 foot cliff in Targhee (where I’ll be going in a few months) and survives, but dies here. It’s a sad day for the skiing community. I wonder if this technically classifies the death comes in 3’s rule? Joe Frazier, Heavy D, Jamie Pierre? Or is JP not famous enough? Well, it’s the 3’s rule for me. R.I.P. Jamie.

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