The Hunger Games is almost here

So you may or may not be aware, but I’ve been crushing so hard on The Hunger Games series. Read the 3 book series in 2.5 days. It’s like The Giver mixed with Gladiator with a sprinkle of Twilight…and it’s horribly addictive.

Anyways, the first trailer for the film has been released and when I say I’m giddy with excitement, I’m not joking. I’m legit shaking in my chair I’m so jazzed. The cast is stellar and the production looks exponentially more bad ass than Twilight.


Viva la young adult fiction!!

Tangential side note: the other “tribute”/kid-picked-to-fight-to-the-death in the film is named Peeta. Everytime I read it, all I could hear was Lois Griffin’s voice saying “Peeeetah!”

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One thought on “The Hunger Games is almost here

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