Fake doc injects cement into not-so-bootylicious booty

Looking for a little more junk in the trunk?

GlobalGrind.com — According to reports, a fake doctor has been arrested for suspicions of injecting a woman’s body with cement, super glue and tire sealant to give her a little more junk in her trunk—literally!

The doctor, a transgendered woman named Oneal Ron Morris suspected of the dangerous malpractice, appears to have undergone the same procedure himself.

The victim, who has since fled the area, first went to the hospital complaining of very serious pains throughout her body where it was revealed that she had developed an infection of drug-resistant bug MRSA at the wound that was sealed with super glue by Morriss. The victim also developed pneumonia but would not disclose how it happened, prompting officials to embark on an investigation that led them to Morris.

The 30-year-old man was detained in Florida for relation to the incident that the victim was charged $700 for. The victim has still not been identified.

There is just so much going on in this story I can’t even really process it.

Faux transgender doctor? Check.

Tire sealant and cement injected into a woman’s ass? Check.

Sealing the injection site with super glue? Check and Check.

Is there something else that I’m missing here? I mean the only thing that would take this over the edge would be if the “doctor” injected the fillers into her fupa because she didn’t know where her ass was.

This story is just too much and I’m 100% blaming Kim Kardashian for all of this. This is what happens when you set unrealistic body expectations on women. They throw down cash for a back-of-the-car procedure  to increase their back door that makes you sick as shit. Awesome.

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