MDHT celebrates 100K!

Sometime over the weekend MDHT crossed a major milestone: we hit 100,000 all-time views. Since MMango and I were still in serious food comas and couldn’t lift our heads up long enough to toast and congratulate one another, we decided to celebrate last night with a Skype toast.

I classed it up, toasting with a mug of pinot noir (yes, a coffee mug) and MMango a bottle of champagne…the champagne of beers, that is.



See how happy we are??

Naturally after toasting how awesome we are, we started to get a little loopy…and maybe just a little bit tipsy.

So we started doing this:

oh no you don't girl!

no, no, no!

Which made us laugh:

real special

Which made us even loopier and caused us to get real weird:




Well maybe it was just MMango that got weird.

Anyways, thanks for being fans of MDHT and helping to be part of such a kick ass accomplishment!

MMango: I get weird, deal with it. But yes, thanks to all of our loyal followers, we couldn’t have done it without you. Can’t wait for the 1 million mark party that we’ll probably hit in the year 2035!

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