England really made their own version of the Jersey Shore

I’m speechless. Actually I’m not…I’m more relived. Relieved that America isn’t the only country that creates TV shows around trash. Hilariously amusing trash, but trash nonetheless. And how convenient is it that England has a place similar to the Jersey Shore and it’s called the Geordie Shore? I wasn’t sure if this was real. I had to look it up to see if MTV was just trying to pull a fast one but no, it’s a legitimate place.

Anyways, I browsed through a couple more videos. I’ll spare you the trouble and won’t post them because they’re practically inaudible. Not because of the video quality, but because of the British Geordie accent. I’m not one to talk; I prolly sound like an asshole to most people with my Boston accent, but I can safely say I’m glad I don’t look like this asshole.

sweet cleavage

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