Would you spend $60,000 for a private plane for 145 of your closest friends?

Is Gilt NYC serious with this deal?

Why We Love This

  • You’ll snag all the seats on a full-sized Airbus A320 for yourself and 145 of your friends, on any non-stop route in Virgin America’s U.S. network. Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.
  • With the round-trip flight, Virgin America will also let you permanently name a plane in their fleet. (It’ll be painted on the side for the world to see.) So you might take off in your own Spruce Moose—or whatever you choose to call it.
  • Virgin America’s planes are recognized as among the most comfortable in the nation, thanks to the airline’s multitude of on-board amenities. Surf the web with in-flight Wi-Fi and order meals and drinks on Red, the seatback entertainment system bringing you live TV, movies, music, games and more.
  • To make the flights even more unforgettable, Gilt City is throwing in a few extra in-flight amenities to the lucky member and even luckier guests.

At first I thought Gilt NYC was joking with this deal…then I saw that within a day it had already been sold out/waitlisted. Are you kidding me? I’m sorry, but not only do I NOT have $60K to throw down for this deal…I DON’T HAVE 145 FRIENDS I’D WANT TO TRAVEL WITH. I literally have to unfriend people on a daily basis because the longer I get to know people, the more I begin to hate them. There is no way I’d be able to find 145 people who’s company I enjoy enough to spend more than 5 minutes in a tight and confined space with.

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