All I Want for Christmas is YOU

I’ve got the Mariah Carey holiday station playing on my Pandora right now; I’ve got my reindeer costume layed out for SantaCon this weekend; and now I have this on a constant loop to get me ready for the holidays:


I mean, is there anything — and I mean anything — that makes you feel more festive and ready for the holiday than this video? I can’t help but feel inspired by the true Christmas spirit just oozing from these two dancers. I DARE you to find me a video on the interwebs that would make Baby Jesus more proud…cause I promise you it does not exist.


MMango: I love this video except for one small part. When dude lifts his leg up and slowly spins… being completely honest, I can’t help but stare at his taint. I’m like a fucking deer in headlights over here. I’m trying to not look but I goddammit I CAN’T!

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One thought on “All I Want for Christmas is YOU

  1. Anonymous says:

    lipsyncing + leotard envy + mariah = christmas miracle. Love.

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