The 2nd coming of Lorena Bobbit

AP – Police say a 69-year-old woman from Palm Springs has been arrested after her husband reported that she tried to cut off his penis with a large pair of scissors.

Palm Springs police said in a statement Sunday that Virginia Valdez was arrested on suspicion of mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse.

The 62-year-old husband — whose name was not released — called police Saturday night and when officers came to his house he said his wife had attempted to sever his penis with scissors, which police say resembled poultry shears.


I have the worst feeling in my stomach after reading this article. I think I’m going to be sick. Seriously, take any body part you want: legs, arms, fingers, toes, my head.. but please leave my friend alone.


I would really love to hear more detail to this story, like how did she “try” to cut off Russell the Muscle? Was she just chasing him with scissors around the house screaming, “Snip, Snip!” And what drove her to want to cut of her husband’s jewels. He had to have been cheating in cribbage, there’s no explanation.



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