UPDATE: The Hunger Games nail polish

Well, as if yesterday’s trailer release wasn’t enough, now China Glaze has me on the verge of a full on seizure I’m so fucking excited.

Exclusive Hunger Game polishes with names like “Joined at the Seam”, “Baker’s Son”, and “Cinna-mon”?? Are you kidding me? Please pinch me. I can’t handle it.

Love the colors and LOVE the names. You can tell someone who actually read the books worked with the copywriters/creative team on this one. Definitely not disappointed. I can’t wait to get my home manicure on. Who’s with me?


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the Hunger Games polish line ISN’T happening.

Not only can you now Google “hunger games nail polish” and read article after article about the lawsuit filed by American International Industries (the company set to make the polish) against Lionsgate for reneging their deal BUT you can read the lovely one-sided e-mail exchange I had with a PR pro asking me to remove the post:

Sent November 16th

Sent November 17th

Sent November 21st

Apparently I wasn’t moving quickly enough? Long story short: the polish isn’t happening. Oh, and when I asked for an explanation, I got NADA.  Guess I just have to continue Googling shit to get answers…

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