What TO do at your office holiday party: part(y) deux

Well I’m another year older, which means that I’m another year wiser, right? Ok. That’s a lie. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t have some valuable advice to impart when it comes to celebrating the holidays with your coworkers.

Last year I was so over people telling me what NOT to do at my office holiday party that I put together a list of things TO do. Well, now that I’ve been at my company for what feels like a lifetime, I’m pretty much an expert on how to party with coworkers.

With that said, here’s the extended 2011 version:

  • Send out SomeEcards beforehand to cover your ass

  • Hydrate like it’s your job — I’ve been crushing gallons of water all week like I’m training for a marathon…a marathon of drinking, that is. Seriously though, drink as much water as you can the week leading up to your office party. It’ll pay off when you wake up Friday morning and it feels like someone’s lined your mouth with cotton balls and taken a big ole dump in it.
  • Dress like the fun client’s in the office — there really is nothing worse than the ladies who leave their desks at 4PM to have a full hair/makeup session in the women’s room so they’re more than ready to go when the party starts at 5PM. Honestly though, dress a little better than your usual schlumpy self but don’t get so dressed up that coworkers will wonder if you’ve got an after hours side gig.
  • Be a good listener — since reviews are right around the corner, someone will inevitably get so hammered that they’ll want to have a therapy/cry session over how poorly they’re doing at work. Listen and ride it out. It’ll pay off until they leave or get fired.
  • Allow yourself ONE status update — Trust me on this one; I speak from experience. If you keep tweeting/updating your Facebook status with random shit and inside jokes from the party I can guarantee you will wake up embarrassed and with at least 10 less friends.

Happy holidays — now let’s get weird!

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