Top 5 Animal pictures from this weekend

Well first, these pictures aren’t just from this weekend, I just happened to find all of them this weekend. To be completely honest, this should really be the top 5 animal pictures you should see before you die. Without further ado.. the top 5:

#5 – Baby pig in mud boots:

This has to be the most stylish and high-maintenance porker on the farm. Shit, I bet her (it’s gotta be a girl) hooves are painted too, like a boss.

#4 – Polar Bear Conehead:

I don’t even want to ask the question, but how did he get the cone on his head in the first place? He must’ve danced all night in Vegas at Tao with a bunch of fat chicks and then went outside to get some air and thought it would be funny to put a cone on his head… wait, no. That was my cousin Charlie.

#3 – FAT CAT:

Holy shit that’s a big pussy!

#2 – Pug slippers:

Fucking pugs. They’re always at the forefront of style. Who would’ve thought that wearing slippers with your own face on it would be cool? A pug, that’s who. I for one am taking a note from this guy and getting a t-shirt silk screened with my face on it. Here’s just a sneak peak at the trend I’m about to start.


#1 – Pizza Cat:

If there was any animal that could top that stylish pug you know it would have to be a cat. This cat, who I just nick-named Dylan, is high as shit. Dylan snuck a few hits off a gravity bong when his owner wasn’t looking. There’s only one thing that could satisfy Dylan’s craving, and that’s cat nip… but since that wasn’t available, pizza will have to do.


Honorable mention- The photobombing cat:

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Animal pictures from this weekend

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gotta give some love to the top five animal pictures….thanks cuz!

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