230am party train


So my friend Milkshake and I are traveling back north for the holidays and because we’re cheap bastards, were taking a 230 am Amtrak train at a third of the cost of a regular ticket.

We’re packed and ready to go and we’ve already met adventure before even getting to Penn Station. We had one cabbie stop and then call us “crazy fucking bitches” for wanting to go down 11th instead of crossing at 50th. And THEN we had a cabbie try to outrun another cabbie to get our fare and almost witnessed a horrific crash. Pretty sure this is going to go down as my weirdest night in NYC. Stay tuned!


CHOO CHOO! All aboard the party train! Just filled our seltzer up with whipped cream and fluffed marshmallow vodka. Confused? Don’t be. To quote milkshake, “it tastes like rainbows.”

Oh, and in the process of us enjoying our taste of heaven, a drunk man fell into us/our seats then got up and did the same thing, falling in the lap of a very fortunate woman. Man was bombed out of his mind. Like where his heads at and good God I love this choo choo!

Next up? Harry Potter part 2!


9:31 AM
Welp. The rest trip was pretty tame. Crushed some bevies. Passed out in the middle of watching Harry Potter. Got stared down by a man that did not like me stretching out over two seats. Then froze my ass off cause Amtrak decided to shut off the heat.


Not sure if I would do it again cause I’m tired as shit right now and am experiencing my hangover awake instead of asleep, snuggled in my bed, but I’m glad to be able to say I’ve done it…

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