No work, all play

So you may or may not be aware that I’m on holiday from work hence why there are no posts from me. Sorry, but I’m just too busy enjoying a nice break from the big city and getting back to my roots in the sticks.

So while you all are sitting at your cubes, miserable as fuck (sorry, MMango! Love you!), I’m enjoying the great outdoors and hiking with my brothers:

And sticking hiking poles up their asses:

And time traveling back to 1998 when my bros were huge fans of WWF?

Anyways, you won’t hear much from me because I’ll be too busy completely disconnecting from society…but you’re in good hands with MMango (I think?). BYEEEEEE!

Editor’s Note: I swear I’m not that fat…it’s just a wicked stuffed down jacket. Swear on my life.

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