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Check out this fat bitch who eats pounds of cheesy potatoes

I can’t blame her, cheesy potatoes are fucking awesome. If I could eat them all day every day and not gain weight, I’d be on the first train to cheesy ville. Also, what was he feeding her? Brussell sprouts? I’m sure 90% of America would puke at the smell of brussel sprouts… but throw some cheesy sauce on them and this bitch will be funneling them down.

Elizadeath: I’m really disturbed by the fact that there’s a show on TLC called “Freaky Eaters.” Is this just me? Is no one else grossed out by this?

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Oh, I wanna dance with somebody

And that somebody is this little nugget right here:

Seriously speechless. Words cannot describe how much I love this photo. It’s got a fattie, some serious air, and a passion for boogie (dancing, not the shit up your nose). Simply amazing.

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And my hair experiment is coming to an end

I'm working that combover.... and my stache looks fuller here


After much deliberation, and everyone telling me that they didn’t like me with longer hair, I’ve decided to end my hair growing experiment and go back to what I know. It pains me to do this, but longer hair kind of sucks. I had to style it every morning, and that takes a shit load of time. I had to worry about getting hat head when I would wear a beanie or a fitted. These are things that I don’t need to worry about in my life. So just like that, I’m gonna pull a 2007 Britney.



Thursday 1/26 @ 7pm... I will be back to this state.

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This made me LOL today: Portland/Bklyn Venn Diagram


Maybe I’ll move out to Portland. Maggie G vs. a paycheck that doesn’t get butt raped by rent each month? Sorry Maggie, but you’re just not worth it…

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Best Phil Collins picture ever



enough said.



Also, I only found this image because I was listening to this awesome remix to “In The Air Tonight” by Cosmo Black.



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Going back to Cali-ribbean

So check this out. Get a mixing bowl. Take a tablespoon of Notorious B.I.G and a teaspoon of some Caribbean beats, blend them together and sprinkle some “Going back to Cali” on top. What do you get? Well that’s easy… Viceroy’s rendition “Going Back To Cali. Just listen fools.

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