I apparently went to school with Lana Del Rey

You know you’re going to have a bad week when a friend texts you: “Hey, do you like Lana Del Rey?,” you respond in the affirmative and he proceeds to follow  up his original text with “I lived in Queens Court with her freshman year — we went to school with her.”

Well there goes any and all excitement about being successful in my career.

I mean, how do you even follow that up?


“Are you still friends with her”?

“So glad those lip injections and hair extensions changed her look enough that I didn’t even recognize her”?

Anyways, I really am a huge of her sound and look. Mad props to Lizzy Grant. I’ve got a serious hunch that she’s going to be the next Denzel Washington of my alma mater… Anyways, here are a few of Lana/Lizzy’s tunes — enjoy!





Oh and if you’re still doubting Fordham’s talent, we also produced this duo:




MMango – Two things.. first, you do follow up with “Do you still talk with her?” Because then you’re going to follow up that with “Ya know, my cousin is single and they definitely should meet” Keep it subtle for now.

Secondly, you forgot my favorite song:


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