Walk of shame outfit: warm winter edition


First of all, I’d like to apologize for seriously slacking off in my Walk of Shame outfit posts. I’d be lying to you if I said my morning after commutes were unprepared/unplanned. Do with that what you will. Anyways, I went out in this little gem the other night though and realized it had serious night-to-day potential.

Taking advantage of the warmer winter temperatures, I paired jean shorts with opaque tights, an over-sized crocheted sweater, a killer statement necklace, and sky-high ankle booties. Not shown, but I topped it all off with my favorite leather jacket, as seen in previous WOS posts.


For the morning after? Simply replace the statement necklace with a scarf, exchange the booties for Chucks (if you have a big enough purse), and don a slouchy chapeau to hide your bedhead (and bloodshot vodka-soaked eyes). Oh, and don’t forget to wear a cute pair of earrings. These wolf earrings from Madewell pretty much scream “I’m a bad motha, SHUT YO MOUTH!”

Full list of goodies here:


  1. American Eagle shorts — to give a sneak peek to potential bedroom suitors
  2. Old Navy sweater — just large enough to let your gut hang out without anyone knowing
  3. DKNY tights — to keep some air of mystery
  4. J. Crew Bubble Necklace — so someone can say to you “that necklace will change the world” (true story)


  1. J. Crew scarf — to cover your above-the-neck but below-the-chin indiscretions
  2. Nobis “Freshmore” Mushroom Toque — to hide from children…and hair stylists who cringe at your dirty locks
  3. Madewell wolf earrings (in store) — to show how much of a badass you are
  4. Chuck All-Stars (everywhere) — to give your strained calves a much needed break
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One thought on “Walk of shame outfit: warm winter edition

  1. hahah yes this is great! i’ll keep this in mind for my next walk of shame!!


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