One way to make yourself feel better

I found the secret to making yourself feel better.

It doesn’t involve dieting.

Or working out.

Or really anything, other than your eyes (and maybe a scanner and a Mom that knows how to use it).

It is…

…looking at your high school senior class picture:

I seriously have not been able to stop laughing looking at this!

Between the hideous corduroy blazer and, what I’m assuming, is a Limited Too top underneath, it’s just a straight up hot mess. Not to mention the fucking tree. Who said that was a good idea? And the funny thing is, 2 of my brothers have a peek-a-boo tree shot along with well over 2/3rds of my senior class.

Anyways, if you want to feel better about yourself, I suggest you ask your mom to scan you senior photo and send it to you. Unless, of course, you were skinnier/more beautiful. Then you should just resort to eating your emotions and calling it a day.


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2 thoughts on “One way to make yourself feel better

  1. BIll says:

    Fucking ay!! Right on. IT’s gonna be a big purple nut bust!! Thank you HAARP. BITCH ASS MOTHA FUCKA

  2. BIll says:

    FUCK THIS HELL NAW lol, You’re cool wrong web tab. sorry

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