Starbucks offers skiers slopeside service

I’m actually incredibly anti Starbucks — I think their beans taste like burnt pieces of shit BUT this has swayed me significantly in my view of the coffee mega brand.

Starbucks has set up shop slopeside at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe:


To say this is positively genius is a gross understatement. I mean, think about it: half the time you’re skiing you’re hungover as shit. You usually pound a large Dunks and a breakfast sandwich before you even boot up, but then you’re still stuck with a dull, throbbing headache and leftover barf in your mouth from your trailside puke session . What would fix that? More coffee, of course! And to not have to get go into the lodge or some moutaintop cafe to do so? Well slap me and call me Sally — I’m sold!

Bravo, Starbucks! On behalf of both the skiing and alcohlics annonymous communities, I applaud and thank you.

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