Hamster flips!

Man, hamsters are the shit. What other pet do you know takes a shit load of acid and starts doing backflips!? That is the only logical explanation here, right? I’m 99% he died right after this filming. Beside their short lifespan, hamsters are such an underrated pet.

I had two hamsters when I was younger. My first one, MC Hamster, used to use the top of his cage like monkey bars and climb everywhere. He died when he was attacked by ants that raided my basement. I must say, he was 2 legit, 2 legit to quit.. (moment of silence for the valiant warrior).

My second hamster, Hamlet, bit me twice when I was holding him. Mainly because I had just eaten a bunch of cheetos and the residue was still on my hands, so I really can’t blame him there. He liked to bob his head in and out of his hamster wheel when running. I woke up one morning, and apparently he didn’t bob fast enough, because he had a caught his head in the wheel. Boom broken neck. To die:—to sleep: No more. Act III, scene 1.

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One thought on “Hamster flips!

  1. Anonymous says:


    Hamlet died because we stuck him in a fish tank in the garage – he died from fish fumes and car fumes.

    MC Hamster never existed. His name was Hydrox.

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