This is exactly why I don’t go into the ocean

Fun Fact about MMango: I hate the ocean. It freaks me out. I won’t go in past my ankles… well maybe up to my waist, but that’s only if I have to pee, and then its right back to the ankles – Get off your high horse, everyone pees in the ocean.

There’s too much unknown in the ocean for me to be frolicking around in there. I’ll scream the same if I see a Great White, or if seaweed touches my toes. Anyway, just came across reason # 52624352143 why I will not go into the ocean: Bristle Worms. Here is a gallery of macro pictures of these bristle worms, or polychaetes, found on the Telegraph. Let me remind you, these things are in currently in the depths of the ocean.

fuck you.

fuck you.

fuck you.

fuck y... wait, you're cool because you kinda look like a vagina.

fuck you, i'm out

You’ll be lucky if you see me ankle deep anymore, unless I’m hammered, then all bets are off, I’ll be swimming with Killer Whales like I’m Free Willy.

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