I’m an evil, evil cousin

So Elizadeath is in Mexico right now, soaking up the warm sun, while it remains in the 40s in Boston. Naturally, I’m a little jealous, because I’d love to break out the shorts and tank tops and sip coronas on the beach. But instead, I’m still hoodied up with a cold runny nose. How does this make me an evil cousin? Well, on Friday when riding the bus home from work, this girl sat next to me with an INTENSE toe thumb. I immediately snapped a picture and texted it to Elizadeath in hopes that she received it while drinking a Mai Tai, spit out her drink, threw up everywhere, and had to be bedridden for the remainder of her trip. Okay, I really don’t hope that happens, but I hope she got a good dry heave and a laugh out of this picture, just like I did.


Warning. Vomit area ahead.



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