Mini Pita Pizza = Grownup Lunchable

Okay, I know it’s April but I’m going to bring up my New Years resolution…because I’ve actually been really good about sticking with it (and it’s related to this post).

This past January, I resolved to bring lunch to work everyday and only allow myself to buy lunch 2-3 times a month. I know that seems like a silly resolution, but you try living in NYC on a PR exec budget and then you can laugh/cry with me. Anyways! I usually bring soup, a veggie burger, a salad, or some combination of all three but today I decided to get a little crazy. Today I wanted a grownup Lunchable; and more specifically I wanted a pizza Lunchable.

I see them in the refrigerated sections of  Walgreens/CVS/Duane Reade all the time but with my various food intolerance issues and the fact that Coachella is a week away, I can’t actually eat them. I just stare. Longingly. Wishing I was in 6th grade at Bristol Community Center summer camp. But alas! a solution came to me last night at Trader Joes.

I present to you Exhibit A:

Whole wheat mini pita pockets? Check.

Marinara sauce? Check.

Soy cheese? Check and check.

I toasted the pitas, nuked the marinara sauce, then threw the pitas, sauce, and cheese back in the toaster oven to finish off the final product. So while everyone else was noshing on lukewarm Smart Ones or Chipotle burrito bowls, I was thoroughly enjoying  a grownup Lunchable. All I needed was a Capri Sun and a bite size Crunch bar and I would have been 12 all over again…

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