Poop and Scoop for Wi-Fi

AdAge – Mexican internet portal Terra is encouraging dog owners to poop and scoop by offering them free Wi-Fi in return. The company is piloting the idea at 10 parks in Mexico City in a campaign by DDB, Mexico.

When people throw away their bags of poop in a special box in the park, the weight is calculated and Terra gives everyone free minutes of Wi-Fi in the park. The greater the weight, the more minutes are added — and everyone can enjoy a poo-free park.


Great idea, it really is. Nobody likes walking through a park with landmines scattered about. One minute you’re playing catch, and the next minute you’re using a tree branch to scrape wet poo from the bottom of your sneaker for 15 minutes before realizing it isn’t working. So you slide your foot back and forth on the grass, which only makes grass stick to the poop, until you get to the sidewalk and stop up and down and take off your shoe and slam it against the concrete…. Whatever, I just hope it’s not a shitty connection (zing!).

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