Isn’t it Ironic: Woman collapses while eating Double Bypass burger at Heart Attack Grill

Yahoo – For the second time in two months a customer has collapsed at the infamous Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas mid-meal, and been carted off to hospital.

The unlucky diner is a female Vegas resident in her 40s, who was eating a “double bypass burger,” smoking cigarettes and drinking margaritas when she collapsed on Saturday night, the owner of the Grill told ABC News.


Call me crazy, but you’re pretty much asking to collapse if you’re smoking cigarettes, drinking margaritas, and eating a DOUBLE BYPASS burger. You don’t see me walking into the “Get Punched in the Face Bar” and then getting pissed off when I get punched in the face. Now that being said, I don’t blame her for doing all of the above, because look at that damn picture. I would die (no pun intended) to have a burger like that. It’s just oozing greasy cheesy goodness! And don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t hurt to have it delivered by this slut nurse waitress.

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