Donna Summer’s Last Dance

It’s a sad day, indeed. Disco queen and legend Donna Summer has died at the age of 63. (

I remember the first day I was introduced to Donna Summer. We had just upgraded our minivan to an Expedition and my dad, always a fan of “new to you”, had purchased the truck from an incredibly flamboyant man. Needless to say, when we got the car home, not only did it come with a rainbow sticker, but left behind in the 6-CD changer was Donna Summer’s Greatest Hits. It was then and there that my love affair with disco and Ms. Summer began.

So to remember her, here’s a top 5 countdown of my favorite Donna Summer dance jams:

5. Love to Love You Baby


4. She Works Hard For the Money


3. Bad Girls


2. Hot Stuff


1. Last Dance


And not on the countdown, but I would be remiss if I didn’t include:


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One thought on “Donna Summer’s Last Dance

  1. Mezong says:

    Don’t forget all of the help I will need; so idlelay at least for me you will not be idle. See what I did with idlelay and idle ? I’m telling you, son: skills. P.S. Here’s to Kobe translating from your Lake Show to my Knicks. It could happen!

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