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Ahhhhhh 9-year old MMango would be shitting his pants right now. I want to take that shit for a spin around the block right now. But seriously, who would make a car like that??

Don’t play with me X, did you put this together?? 

Ahh see I knew it…

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Half Day Friday Happiness

How I feel at work most of the time:

How I feel at work knowing that I have a half day:

How I feel at work when I return from vacation:

See you all on Wednesday!

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Aussie Mayo Crooks Slip Through Fingers of Authorities

That headline paints a really foul visual, doesn’t it? Fucking mayo. Anyways, it looks like there are some mayo thieves in Australia that have major coleslaw and potato salad plans: — From the land down under comes this troubling nugget of news: Aussie thieves have made off with a whopping 93 pounds of ill-gotten mayonnaise, which they purloined from a refrigerated warehouse near the southern city of Adelaide. The condiment criminals divided and conquered, absconding with two separate tubs of the stuff. Police sprung quickly to action, urging anyone who knows about people making large batches of coleslaw or potato salad to notify authorities immediately.

I wonder if the authorities have considered checking out public transportation for the mayo bandits…because I bet this chick (dude?) is the ringleader in this crime:


Yep, there goes my gag reflex!

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Reason No. 20381 Ryan Gosling Is Amazing


Damn. Ryan was a lady killer even back in ’91.

That voice.

Those moves.

And yes, I’m fully aware how creepy I sound considering the fact that he was 11 in this video; the feelings are only because I know how outrageously hot he is now.

And now I’m entirely too distracted to do any work for the rest of the day. Damn you, Gosling! YOU ALWAYS WIN!

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Happy Father’s Day


To all the Dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day. Hopefully you get some… just try not to pop out another kid


Thanks to Karina for the pic

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I call shotgun…



…Because there’s no fucking way anyone is fitting into that back seat. How does one’s car get to that level? Does it start with one unpaid bill at a time, or did this person just rob the post office? I just hope they’re not a smoker, because this car is one spark away from lighting up like the fourth of July!

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What the hell happened to Jason Mraz

Here is the Jason Mraz we all know. Baby face, always smiling, terrible fedora.. whatever, we deal with it because he’s Mraz. Well I was watching Palladia this morning only to find out that America’s sweetheart has pulled a complete 180 and now looks like Willie Nelson’s son. Exhibit A:

Long hair, don’t care. Elizadeath is going to be devestated. She lives and dies by the Mraz fedora.

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