Great British Bands

So I’m not sure where I found this map, but that question instantly popped into my head. Looking through each region, which one would be my favorite or which one produced the best bands? Now I would probably say The North West, and let it be known that I am not, nor ever really been, a Beatles fan. I only picked the North West because of the Smiths and Joy Division.. and The BeeGees. But the more I look at this map, London and the South East has a SOLID fucking line up too: Queen, Radiohead, The Sex Pistols, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, and the Stones! Fuck! I think I might have to change my opinion. To be frank, I didn’t see the Cure on there because it was so small, which is a travesty when you see Coldplay and Madness taking up a good chunk of this section. Well anyway, I could talk to myself for hours on this piece, but what do you think!?

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One thought on “Great British Bands

  1. It is absolutely a travesty that The Cure is so small next to douchebags like Coldplay and Radiohead taking up so much space. I do love Madness’ one hit wonder “Our House” though. This is a bitchin’ map.

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