The perfect weekender: Barnacle Bags

I know this is going to sound like an online dating profile line, but I love to travel. I do. So shoot me. The difference between me and all the lofty “oh, I want to circumnavigate the world and visit places that no one’s ever heard of” is that I enjoy weekend trips home to New Hampshire/Boston. Trips that don’t require me to pack heels, fancy outfits, or even toiletries. And since my trips usually span Friday — Sunday (Monday if I’m lucky), I only need a weekender.

Enter the perfect weekender compliments of Barnacle Bags on Etsy. BB is a line of custom-made backpacks and totes that are perfect for travelling. They’re durable, painfully adorable, and handcrafted in the seller’s home/studio on Lopez Island off of Washington State. I got a custom waxed canvas backpack with mixed fabrics (hooray for polka dots and stripes!) and I have to confess: IT. IS. AMAZING. I get a ton of compliments and it has everything I need for a weekend away. The outer pocket is great for quick access to train tickets/travel docs and the inner pocket holds my wallet, phone and all those other goodies I don’t want jacked. Plus it comes wrapped in brown paper and twine with a personal note from the seller herself. Even if it wasn’t perfect bag for weekend overnights, that detail alone would have me convinced it was the best thing I’d ever purchased.




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2 thoughts on “The perfect weekender: Barnacle Bags

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