Kanye and 2 Chainz Perform at Samsung’s Galaxy Note II Launch Event

Last night, I hit up the Samsung Galaxy Note II party in NYC. As expected, it was a bit of a shit show. Kanye was performing and kids from all walks of life seemed to come out of the woodwork to see Mr. West. I should say I expected differently…but I didn’t.

After watching TI get in and out of his car twice (guess he wasn’t fully convinced he wanted to go in the first time around), elbowing girls with janky weaves and hipsters with condom-tipped hats, and meeting two very lovely guys from The Daily Show, we finally were able to finagle our way through the crowds, entering Moynihan Station through a side entrance that felt entirely too cool/official for me and my friend Micay.

I wish I could comment on how awesome the new Samsung Galaxy Note II is, but I’d be lying if I said I even got close to the device. Sorry. You can read the reviews here and here though! (Oh, and the fact that CNET calls it the ultimate anti-iPhone means I’ll 100% be getting it once I’m due for an upgrade).

Anyways! Back to the music! Kanye was unreal. Seriously. He performed every possible song you’d want him to sing. He even brought 2 Chainz out at the end to perform their new “Birthday Song” and the place  went wild. Definitely a solid Wednesday night out in NYC. I will say this though: you know you’re at a tech-sponsored event when EVERY SINGLE PERSON has their phone in the air. It was borderline absurd. Since I’m vertically challenged, I struggle with concerts most of the time. Fortunately for this one, all I had to do was look up and I could watch Kanye perform on a tiny, personal screen in front of me. I dug it.

P.S. Kanye supposedly prefers to drink white wine spritzers. Let that marinate.







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