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It’s Friday



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Meow Mix totally threw me a curve ball this morning

Maybe because it was early in the morning, or maybe its because I fucking love Goldfish, but I saw this banner ad while browsing the internet and totally thought Pepperidge Farm had taken their Goldfish game to the next level and created some type of filled fish.

Alas, I got brainfucked by Meow Mix, and now I question my choices. Should I just buy a sample pack? Can humans even eat cat food? I know dog biscuits are edible. Fuck it, YOLO.

I hate myself so much that I just used YOLO, please everyone disregard that comment. fuck. 

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Kitty in the Claw Machine


I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty sick at the claw machine game. I’ve got about 9 stuffed animals in my grandparents house to prove it. That being said, give me $2 and I guarantee I get you a living, breathing pussy… cat.


Honestly, I’d probably go broke playing this game trying to win this cat, THANK GOD I wasn’t the one filming this video.

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Who the F was on Millionaire yesterday?


This lady is straight out of an SNL skit. Did anyone else gag when she mentioned her razor burn? (gag) Uh-oh (gag) I’m gagging again just thinking about it.

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Cat steals note from owner


In Fluffy’s defense, it was a very personal note from her BFF that her bitch owner stole and was reading to all of the other cats in the house. So rude.

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Extreme shoplifting

My mind is blown right now. This give the phrase “hot dog in a hallway” a whole new meaning. So much that can we start using “case of Guiness in a vagina”?


On a more serious note.. WHERE DID SHE PUT THAT CASE!?

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