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Anyone looking for a new background?

Could be used for desktops, cell phones, print it out and hang it in your wall.. seriously – the possibilities are endless. 



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Cutest/most hilarious version of MJ’s Thriller

Cute kids + Michael Jackson’s Thriller + surprise ending:


Yeah, definitely didn’t see that coming.

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Reason No. 20381 Ryan Gosling Is Amazing


Damn. Ryan was a lady killer even back in ’91.

That voice.

Those moves.

And yes, I’m fully aware how creepy I sound considering the fact that he was 11 in this video; the feelings are only because I know how outrageously hot he is now.

And now I’m entirely too distracted to do any work for the rest of the day. Damn you, Gosling! YOU ALWAYS WIN!

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E-Trade baby grown up is easily the cutest kid alive


He’s gotta be about 5-6 years old now and is probably straight cleaning up in kindergarten – playground pussy for days! Don’t think I don’t see that ice around your neck and on your wrist.. and is that a Bugle Boy t-shirt! Swagger times a hundred, thousand, million.


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Little boy encounters a T-Rex!

YouTube – Zack loves dinosaurs but until now he has never seen one bigger than himself. This is his reaction. Zack is 2 1/2 years old.

Don’t listen to them Zach! Just keep on running. I’d definitely react the same exact way – Just freeze, anaylze the situation, slowly turn around, and then BOOM!! Go into a full sprint.

Sorry Mom and Dad. I love you. I really do, but if you don’t put a pep in that step, I’m full committed to enter  an orphanage.

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Look at this Meerkat showing this stump who’s boss.


Neither Elizadeath or I could figure out what to say about this picture, so we decided to have a caption speed round. Here’s what we came up with.. Oh let us know which one you like the best, or beat us and add your own!

MMango: “O’Doyle Rules”
Elizadeath:  oh, you didn’t want a pair of tickets to the gun show?”
MMango: “No need to call a plumber, these pipes don’t need fixing”
Elizadeath: “i’m going to pump. You. Up.” (obvi said in the voice of Arnold)
MMango:  “I lift things up… I put them down”
Elizadeath: “this pussy’s mine tonight!”
MMango: “ADDDRIANNNNN” (rocky)
Elizadeath: “G.T. and fuck the L, cause I’m a nudist”
MMango: “Ohh, it’s the deep burn. Oh, it’s so deep. Oh, I can barely lift my right arm ’cause I did so many. I don’t know if you heard me counting. I did over a thousand.”

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This is exactly why I want to have a kid

You tell em little girl! Fuck it. Fuck it all. Fire Pit everything. Raising children looks like it’s awesome – besides all the shitting and crying and puking and whining and pissing their pants – you get to mold these little suckers into beer fetching, nacho making, walking comedy shows. Hey sweetie, go fetch daddy a beer, a bag of Doritos, and say some funny stuff on your way.

She might be on to something though. I might start using fire pit around the office when I don’t want to do work.

“Hey MMango, what happened to those TPS reports??”

Fire Pit bitch.

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