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Have I Become the Dear Abby of Tinder?

Ok, so I know it’s been almost a year since our last post…nevermind that. It means nothing. I’m back and I’m making MDHT a priority again! So much so, that I’m about to reveal a really embarrassing side of myself: I am officially the Dear Abby of Tinder.

Yes, the Dear Abby.

I’m a Libra so we’re empathetic by nature, but I surprised even myself with this one.

I typically use Tinder to troll and see if I can get a good reaction out of people. Most of the times it works…especially if I refer to them as a unicorn (just go with me) but this kid went so rogue that I was thrown off. After chatting with him for almost a day, he gave me his phone number…which is when I decided to do a quick internet stalk to see if he checked out as normal. We fortunately had a friend in common so it didn’t require a ton of work. What I didn’t expect though, was to see he was listed as ‘in a relationship’ on The Book. Yeah, Facebook official. It was like he wasn’t even trying to hide it! I told MMango and asked for advice. He advised that I stop talking to him but, as always, I do what I want and decided to continue the conversation and find the right moment to say “you’re a douche bag.”

But I was caught off guard.

He seemed genuinely upset about his current situation.

I had no choice but to turn into Dear Abby and try and offer some 100% unsolicited advice.

Here’s our convo:

tt_2 tt_3 tt_4 tt_5 tt_6 tt_7 tt_8

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Someone help this boy out and date him!


Is it just me, or would Elizadeath be a perfect match for this kid!? Nothing says rebounding from a hermaphrodite like dating Elizadeath. Let’s go over this kids check list with her in mind.

Tall? Nope.

Model? Ehh not so much.

Fake tan? Nope, pale as a ghost.

Dark hair? Is blonde considered dark?

Cat Lover? I know she loves cats, so Mr. Whiskers will be all set!


Elizadeath, what are you waiting for?? Get your best vampire outfit on and find this guy!!


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Scotland to legalize gay marriage

Yahoo! – Legalising gay marriage is the “right thing to do”, Scotland’s deputy first minister said as she announced that the Scottish government will introduce legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Why am I not surprised that the country where men wear skirts by choice is the next place to legalize gay marriage? I’m pretty sure your entire country was built by gay men. Anyhew, good for them, hopefully more countries will be more progressive.. unlike some states in the US.

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Happy Easter… but fuck that, WHAT is going on with MaCaulay Culkin!


I guess that break up with Mila Kunis hit him harder than we all thought. Looks like I just picked up a new person in the celebrity death pool.

Get well MaCaulay… get well.

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Massage ad or NYC dating profile?



Saw this in a coffee shop near the West Village the other weekend. I have to be honest though: between the glam shot of himself, the overuse of exclamation points, and the phrases “use my own oils” and “much much better than you’ve had before”, I wasn’t sure if I was reading a massage ad or a printout of an OK Cupid profile.

Guess I better call and find out?

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How to say “I love you” in the hood on Valentine’s Day

Screw Valentine’s Day, you can get this for your bitch any day of the week. Who would not want this type of compliment. My apologies for not sharing a few days ago so you could buy it by V-Day. Purchase here.

shout out to Coryboy for the link

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Words With Friends: WTF

Does Words With Friends really think I’m so desperate for friends that an image of a bare chested Asian Justin Bieber would entice me to download a dating app????


How the fuck did they know!? Consider this app downloaded! Cant wait to listen to some sweet techno with my new best bud!

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Australia’s stance on marriage equality

Welp… well that was moving. Maybe because I’m a straight male with many gay friends, I take these topics a little too seriously..but c’mon it’s 2011, if you’re not in line with marriage equality, you need to crawl out from under that rock you’re living and lighten up. What is the issue? and don’t talk to me about the ruining the sanction of marriage. You lost that argument months ago….

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