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Roasted Starbursts… Deliciously dangerous

Picture this: It’s a warm summer night by a lake. The sky is clear and the stars are shinning bright. The waves are slowly breaking into shore providing a cool breeze. In front of you is a crackling campfire that’s producing just enough heat to warm you toes, but keep your from getting a little too toasty.You reach to your right to find a cooler full of ice cold beer. You take a sip, it’s crisp and refreshing. Now you look to your left. Who’s there? Oh hey it’s me. You smile, I smile back. At this point if you’re a chick you’ve probably fallen in love and if you’re a guy you’re definitely starting to question yourself. “What is he making in the fire,” you ask. Oh just a little campfire snack… some roasted Starburst. I remove my roasting stick from the fire and then it appears. A gooey, delicious morsel of love rises from the flames and you can’t wait to sink your teeth in. But then a drop of fiery Starburst lava drips off and lands right on my hand. FAAAAHHHHHKKKKKKKK.

Well even after burning my hand this weekend with molten Starburst – and Lemon too, it’s like the stepchild of Starbursts – I still think that this was an incredible experience. The final product contains all the goodness of eating candy without the fear of ripping out one of your fillings by the second bite. A few seconds in the flame and you’re left with a crunchy outer shell and a warm gooey inside that surprisingly doesn’t burn your mouth. I mean look at that picture above, it’s like a heated bomb pop.

I’ll leave you with this, be careful. Have a good roasting stick, pay attention, or wear one glove like the late great MJ. Otherwise you may end up with a burn that looks like an unfinished Nike swoosh.

hand burn

Just do…

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Walt from Lost got OFF the island

And is making REALLY bad music:

My head hurts. Really, Walt? You had so much potential. I mean, what would Vincent think?

Guaranteed that pup would be disappointed.


Editor’s Note: I realize I may be late to this party considering there are almost 4MM views on this vid. Sorry, this isn’t really my music scene so I only just stumbled upon it. Lesson learned.

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Korea is pushing a sweet new exercise toy

If you practice this while using a shake weight, you’re one step away from your perfect body and dream of being ravaged in a gang bang!

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Why wasn’t Jason Biggs cast in Magic Mike? (Also, why am I writing about Magic Mike)

[Pause] I really do hope this was an actual audition tape. The casting director must be Helen Keller if they couldn’t recognize the promise in that audition. Those moves at the end could impregnate a virgin and make a grown man cry. I’m pretty sure I did cry. Show of hands, how many of you are wet? (My hand is raised).

Well, this is also the perfect opportunity to post the gchat conversation I had with a friend today:

 Melanie:  you could be a stripper
me Magic Mango?
 Melanie:  i went to see the movie
i think u might have what it takes
 me:  minus the 6pack abs
what do i need to do
Melanie:  hah
just dance
It’s settled , if you ladies would rather me jiggle my ass all around the stage than stare at a ripped six pack, then Magic Mango is coming to dimly lit bar near you.
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No Church in the Wild

Kanye West and Jay-Z just released the visual accompaniment to their song “N0 Church in the Wild” off their latest album, Watch the Throne. I already loved this song, but this riot video, took it up a few notches in my book. I’m sitting at work and now all of a sudden I want to start a revolution!! Viva La Resistance!

Also, I just learned that this video was filmed in Prague, which is where I will be in less than a month. Baller.

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Power Ranger dance off

The Green Ranger is stereotypical white guy.. not sure how he’s gonna hide his boner in spandex when it starts Mighty Morphin, but I would’ve loved to see how this dilemma unfolded.

I’m still stuck on what to think about the Red and White Rangers. Are they gay together? Are they all bad dancers so they stand in a circle and talk? Clearly the Blue Ranger is just waiting for that Pink Ranger slut to call his color so he can show her a real 1,2 step.

Oh, and obviously the Black Ranger is posted up in the back of the club. Go Go Power Rangers.


Thanks to Aaron for the pic

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Uncle Drew!!

Pepsi Max and NBA rookie of the year, Kyrie Irving, teamed up to put out my new favorite scam video. Basically, they dress up Irving as an old man and send him into a nighttime pick up game.. the events that followed are just mind blowing. I’m pretty sure my brain would’ve straight up melted if I were playing in this game.

Hey, white girl sitting court side… I see you 😉

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E-Trade baby grown up is easily the cutest kid alive


He’s gotta be about 5-6 years old now and is probably straight cleaning up in kindergarten – playground pussy for days! Don’t think I don’t see that ice around your neck and on your wrist.. and is that a Bugle Boy t-shirt! Swagger times a hundred, thousand, million.


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Everyday I’m Shufflin’

Did you know there are many ways to shuffle?

First there was the truffle shuffle:

Then LMFAO brought shufflin’ back:

But apparently shufflin’ has been in since…well, as long as this kid has been alive?

Well, and then there’s this…which seems to be a sub-category of shuffling all together:


I don’t know about you all, but I’m straight up Truffle Shuffling today. I wish I was joking.

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Bieber is so fucking on, I can’t handle it


How the fuck does he do this? I don’t even like Floyd Mayweather, but god dammit, I would kill to be on the Money Team. Look at that lineup, Bieber, Lil Wayne, Floyd, 50 cent and floral collared shirt guy. The Money Team is straight KILLING it!


fucking bieber does it again.

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