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Equinox + Zagat = Genius

Seriously, why did it take so long to create this? This. Is. Genius.

Equinox and Zagat have created the first-ever health-conscious Zagat Dining Out Guide, featuring Q editor-approved restaurants across the country. Each of these restaurants is located near one of our clubs, and is a destination that upholds the Equinox Nutrition Philosophy as well as our standard of good taste. Pick up a copy at select Shop locations or view a digital teaser guide here.

Eat your heart out, homies.

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Pump iron, or pump botox?



I received this LivingSocial deal today and thought this placement was pretty funny. They’re practically giving you two options. You can work out and get your body and health in shape or (cop out) pump some botox in your face and look like the second coming of Joan Rivers. I wonder how many people will skip the gym and head right to the botox?


If I inject botox into my dick will it… uhh nevermind.



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Korea is pushing a sweet new exercise toy

If you practice this while using a shake weight, you’re one step away from your perfect body and dream of being ravaged in a gang bang!

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Isn’t it Ironic: Woman collapses while eating Double Bypass burger at Heart Attack Grill

Yahoo – For the second time in two months a customer has collapsed at the infamous Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas mid-meal, and been carted off to hospital.

The unlucky diner is a female Vegas resident in her 40s, who was eating a “double bypass burger,” smoking cigarettes and drinking margaritas when she collapsed on Saturday night, the owner of the Grill told ABC News.


Call me crazy, but you’re pretty much asking to collapse if you’re smoking cigarettes, drinking margaritas, and eating a DOUBLE BYPASS burger. You don’t see me walking into the “Get Punched in the Face Bar” and then getting pissed off when I get punched in the face. Now that being said, I don’t blame her for doing all of the above, because look at that damn picture. I would die (no pun intended) to have a burger like that. It’s just oozing greasy cheesy goodness! And don’t get me wrong, it wouldn’t hurt to have it delivered by this slut nurse waitress.

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Fat gymnast gets a perfect 10!


…On the fail scale. Granted the Russian judge prolly still gave her a 9. I can’t stop watching this video, it’s like a train wreck (didn’t meant to be a fat joke), I just can’t look away. I’m on my 50th view so far. I’m going to personally make this video go viral. Someone get this chick on suicide watch stat… either that or get her a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a bottle of chocolate sauce.

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Naked Yoga Brooklyn: Boys Only, Please

I thought it was strange when the Kardashians had a naked yoga instructor come over to their Gansevoort penthouse on this past season of Kourtney & Kim Take New York (yes, I watch really bad reality TV), but apparently men dropping trou for a little downward facing dog isn’t something that only happens on E! or after hours in the Meatpacking District.

I’m pleased (not really?) to introduce Naked Space, a boy’s-only yoga studio where you can stretch, meditate, and most likely get your rocks off in the nude. For those NOT at work (yes, the site is shockingly NSFW), you can fulfill your curiousity at where all your questions will be answered, like:

Do I have to get completely naked?

Yes, all participants are expected to remove all of their clothes, even their socks. Accessories too: watches, loose jewelry and large rings will interfere with Naked Space activities. It’s recommended that eye glasses also be removed, but for some this may be too disorienting.

and more importantly:

What if I get an erection?

Congratulate yourself for having a healthy reproductive system. Seriously, erections are natural. Some guys will get them, some won’t; either way, it’s not a problem. What you choose to do with your erection is another matter. Be responsible for your actions and aware of the other people sharing the space.

Only in New York could a yoga studio get away with charging $20 for something folks already do when they get out of the shower…

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Legless B-Boy is not getting any respect from me.


Let’s be serious for a minute. I could be sick at breakdancing too if I didn’t have any legs. I didn’t see him spin on his head. Maneuvering your legs is the hardest part about it. My legs probably weigh about 40lbs each, that’s a good 80lbs of weight I don’t have to swing around… yeah consider me a fucking gymnast. (sigh) Next. Not impressed.


(let the hating begin)

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Gently used yoga mat for sale on Craigslist

Looking for a gently used yoga mat for that hard-to-buy-for person on your holiday shopping list…and maybe someone to accompany you to your office holiday party? Well look no further! Cause this man seems like he has it all:


Make the investment on Craigslist here.

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