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Apartment Shot Part 2: Typeset Jewelry Holder

Gotta love:

A) Having parents that are borderline hoarders so that when you walk into the attic you’ll casually find a typeset drawer

B) Growing up in rural New England/an old colonial farmhouse where finding these kinds of things is the norm

C) Not having to pay a damn thing to decorate my apartment!

Here’s the latest addition to my new digs: a typeset drawer jewelry organizer:

typeset jewelry holder

Just don’t tell anyone that it’s currently being propped up by a roll of duct tape until I come up with a more permanent solution…

And yes, I’m aware that my coyote necklace looks like it’s doing unspeakable things to my horse necklace and I. Don’t. Care.

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Pinterest-y Kitchen

still waiting on the rest of my bowls though…


So I just moved (like city/state, not just across town. WHAT UP BOSTON!) and I literally have NO cabinet space. There’s one over the sink but I covered it with teal chevron contact paper because I didn’t feel 100% comfortable putting dishes in there even after cleaning it.

That said, the above is my solution. 2 stackable bookshelves with my -wares. The best part about this (or so I’ve been told) is the silverware holders. Not joking: the jars came from The Christmas Tree Shop and were $3.99 each. I’m going to go ahead and call it the purchase(s) of the year. I’m sure they can easily be replicated at-home but ain’t nobody got time for that! Not pictured are the bottom two shelves…which are filled with booze and various bar accessories.

How do you deal with small and/or difficult living spaces?

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