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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Walt from Lost got OFF the island

And is making REALLY bad music:

My head hurts. Really, Walt? You had so much potential. I mean, what would Vincent think?

Guaranteed that pup would be disappointed.


Editor’s Note: I realize I may be late to this party considering there are almost 4MM views on this vid. Sorry, this isn’t really my music scene so I only just stumbled upon it. Lesson learned.

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Kanye and 2 Chainz Perform at Samsung’s Galaxy Note II Launch Event

Last night, I hit up the Samsung Galaxy Note II party in NYC. As expected, it was a bit of a shit show. Kanye was performing and kids from all walks of life seemed to come out of the woodwork to see Mr. West. I should say I expected differently…but I didn’t.

After watching TI get in and out of his car twice (guess he wasn’t fully convinced he wanted to go in the first time around), elbowing girls with janky weaves and hipsters with condom-tipped hats, and meeting two very lovely guys from The Daily Show, we finally were able to finagle our way through the crowds, entering Moynihan Station through a side entrance that felt entirely too cool/official for me and my friend Micay.

I wish I could comment on how awesome the new Samsung Galaxy Note II is, but I’d be lying if I said I even got close to the device. Sorry. You can read the reviews here and here though! (Oh, and the fact that CNET calls it the ultimate anti-iPhone means I’ll 100% be getting it once I’m due for an upgrade).

Anyways! Back to the music! Kanye was unreal. Seriously. He performed every possible song you’d want him to sing. He even brought 2 Chainz out at the end to perform their new “Birthday Song” and the place  went wild. Definitely a solid Wednesday night out in NYC. I will say this though: you know you’re at a tech-sponsored event when EVERY SINGLE PERSON has their phone in the air. It was borderline absurd. Since I’m vertically challenged, I struggle with concerts most of the time. Fortunately for this one, all I had to do was look up and I could watch Kanye perform on a tiny, personal screen in front of me. I dug it.

P.S. Kanye supposedly prefers to drink white wine spritzers. Let that marinate.







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Random Karaoke Queen’s impressive in-store performance


Didn’t hear that one coming, did ya? Love that she’s got so much swag that she didn’t even take her backpack off. Didn’t even matter.

Someone — I’m looking at you Scooter Braun — should sign this girl STAT. Girl has got buttloads (yes, that’s a measurable term) more talent than Carly Rae and Psy combined.

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Great British Bands

So I’m not sure where I found this map, but that question instantly popped into my head. Looking through each region, which one would be my favorite or which one produced the best bands? Now I would probably say The North West, and let it be known that I am not, nor ever really been, a Beatles fan. I only picked the North West because of the Smiths and Joy Division.. and The BeeGees. But the more I look at this map, London and the South East has a SOLID fucking line up too: Queen, Radiohead, The Sex Pistols, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, and the Stones! Fuck! I think I might have to change my opinion. To be frank, I didn’t see the Cure on there because it was so small, which is a travesty when you see Coldplay and Madness taking up a good chunk of this section. Well anyway, I could talk to myself for hours on this piece, but what do you think!?

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Countdown Remake (with a Snuggie, obviously)

There are no words. This kid is absolutely amazing. If you have a dual screen computer I highly recommend watching them side-by-side. Your mind will be blown.


The original (so you can compare):


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Mashup Monday: N’Sync & Bieber

I was really hoping Elizadeath would’ve posted this gem, but I have no idea where she is today. I’m not going to try and be funny, because I know I’ll just fuck it up. So all the ladies listening, just time travel back to your 14 year old self and get ready to melt.

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Michael Jackson designed to perfection

The 80’s were such a brilliant time for both graphic designers and pop music (case and point below).


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