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Roasted Starbursts… Deliciously dangerous

Picture this: It’s a warm summer night by a lake. The sky is clear and the stars are shinning bright. The waves are slowly breaking into shore providing a cool breeze. In front of you is a crackling campfire that’s producing just enough heat to warm you toes, but keep your from getting a little too toasty.You reach to your right to find a cooler full of ice cold beer. You take a sip, it’s crisp and refreshing. Now you look to your left. Who’s there? Oh hey it’s me. You smile, I smile back. At this point if you’re a chick you’ve probably fallen in love and if you’re a guy you’re definitely starting to question yourself. “What is he making in the fire,” you ask. Oh just a little campfire snack… some roasted Starburst. I remove my roasting stick from the fire and then it appears. A gooey, delicious morsel of love rises from the flames and you can’t wait to sink your teeth in. But then a drop of fiery Starburst lava drips off and lands right on my hand. FAAAAHHHHHKKKKKKKK.

Well even after burning my hand this weekend with molten Starburst – and Lemon too, it’s like the stepchild of Starbursts – I still think that this was an incredible experience. The final product contains all the goodness of eating candy without the fear of ripping out one of your fillings by the second bite. A few seconds in the flame and you’re left with a crunchy outer shell and a warm gooey inside that surprisingly doesn’t burn your mouth. I mean look at that picture above, it’s like a heated bomb pop.

I’ll leave you with this, be careful. Have a good roasting stick, pay attention, or wear one glove like the late great MJ. Otherwise you may end up with a burn that looks like an unfinished Nike swoosh.

hand burn

Just do…

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Anyone looking for a new background?

Could be used for desktops, cell phones, print it out and hang it in your wall.. seriously – the possibilities are endless. 



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My Grampa’s list of hated actors


So I visited my 93 year old grandfather this weekend. We were sitting at his kitchen table, shooting the shit, about random things: his lack of vision, the 23 bottles of Fresca he had in his fridge, how to make the perfect tomato salad.. the normal things, when I saw this list of names. I picked it up and began to examine it and noticed all these great actor names, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis to name a few.


So I asked, “Hey Grampa, what is this list of actor names?”

To my astonishment, he responds, “Oh, I hate those people.”

“HATE!? Grampa, you do realize that you have Dirty Harry, Cool Hand Luke, and John McClane on this list right?

no response, no expression.

“Well then, who DO you like”

“Anyone not on this list.”


And that my friends, is my grandfather, 93 years old and could give a shit what anyone things. The same guy who I watched The American President on demand that day, and commented on how good Michael Douglas was.. but his father, he was a terrible actor. I love this guy. Have a great weekend everyone.



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Great British Bands

So I’m not sure where I found this map, but that question instantly popped into my head. Looking through each region, which one would be my favorite or which one produced the best bands? Now I would probably say The North West, and let it be known that I am not, nor ever really been, a Beatles fan. I only picked the North West because of the Smiths and Joy Division.. and The BeeGees. But the more I look at this map, London and the South East has a SOLID fucking line up too: Queen, Radiohead, The Sex Pistols, The Cure, Led Zeppelin, The Clash, and the Stones! Fuck! I think I might have to change my opinion. To be frank, I didn’t see the Cure on there because it was so small, which is a travesty when you see Coldplay and Madness taking up a good chunk of this section. Well anyway, I could talk to myself for hours on this piece, but what do you think!?

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This is how you discipline a child.

 I’m considering disciplining my children (if any) this way. I can already see myself walking around the house with the Championship belt and rubbing it in their faces. Just hopefully I don’t have two boys that turn into giant ogres because then I’d be fighting an uphill battle. “Try that shit now Dad, and you’re getting a Stone Cold Stunner right off the kitchen table.” Boom! My shit just got roasted.

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Hillary Clinton is droppin it like a Harlem hoe

Get low Hill! Michelle Obama who? This is how you dance, drop it and get all wobbedly woobeldy on bitches. If you ask me, I’m sure this blue dress won’t stay clean for long….

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This made me LOL today (7/27/12)


If I had a nickel for every time I got my dick caught in the ceiling fan… well I’d have two nickels.


via Failbook

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Scotland to legalize gay marriage

Yahoo! – Legalising gay marriage is the “right thing to do”, Scotland’s deputy first minister said as she announced that the Scottish government will introduce legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry.

Why am I not surprised that the country where men wear skirts by choice is the next place to legalize gay marriage? I’m pretty sure your entire country was built by gay men. Anyhew, good for them, hopefully more countries will be more progressive.. unlike some states in the US.

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Countdown Remake (with a Snuggie, obviously)

There are no words. This kid is absolutely amazing. If you have a dual screen computer I highly recommend watching them side-by-side. Your mind will be blown.


The original (so you can compare):


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