This made me LOL today (8/24/12)



Now those are some flaky layers that I can relate to!


Image credit to Failblog

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Obama’s new campaign platform

(shout out to marky mark, my brother, for the image)

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Miley Cyrus has turned into Robyn


I see a small resemblance, and by small I mean it looks like I’m looking at twins. I’m all for someone changing up their looks, but I think Miley looks like shit. Plain and simple. I’m no Perez Hilton, TMZ, or any style guru for that matter. I’m just a guy, with a dick, and that picture is not making it move at all. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Literally, smoke it.



I’m giving Miley 48 hours to be snapped in this outfit:

Do it Miley and I PROMISE you will gain a bagillion more fans, including yours truly.

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The image below is not safe for life


I just threw up in my mouth after seeing this image. You might only live once, but I’m pretty sure I died after seeing this.

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This is how you discipline a child.

 I’m considering disciplining my children (if any) this way. I can already see myself walking around the house with the Championship belt and rubbing it in their faces. Just hopefully I don’t have two boys that turn into giant ogres because then I’d be fighting an uphill battle. “Try that shit now Dad, and you’re getting a Stone Cold Stunner right off the kitchen table.” Boom! My shit just got roasted.

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