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Have I Become the Dear Abby of Tinder?

Ok, so I know it’s been almost a year since our last post…nevermind that. It means nothing. I’m back and I’m making MDHT a priority again! So much so, that I’m about to reveal a really embarrassing side of myself: I am officially the Dear Abby of Tinder.

Yes, the Dear Abby.

I’m a Libra so we’re empathetic by nature, but I surprised even myself with this one.

I typically use Tinder to troll and see if I can get a good reaction out of people. Most of the times it works…especially if I refer to them as a unicorn (just go with me) but this kid went so rogue that I was thrown off. After chatting with him for almost a day, he gave me his phone number…which is when I decided to do a quick internet stalk to see if he checked out as normal. We fortunately had a friend in common so it didn’t require a ton of work. What I didn’t expect though, was to see he was listed as ‘in a relationship’ on The Book. Yeah, Facebook official. It was like he wasn’t even trying to hide it! I told MMango and asked for advice. He advised that I stop talking to him but, as always, I do what I want and decided to continue the conversation and find the right moment to say “you’re a douche bag.”

But I was caught off guard.

He seemed genuinely upset about his current situation.

I had no choice but to turn into Dear Abby and try and offer some 100% unsolicited advice.

Here’s our convo:

tt_2 tt_3 tt_4 tt_5 tt_6 tt_7 tt_8

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Shit Massholes Say

I know, the “Shit People Say” trend is totally saturated and I’m just as over it as you are…but this made me kind of homesick, so I had to share:


I promise this is the last time I’ll post one of these videos…at least for this week.

Can’t wait to go to Professor Thom’s here in NYC on Sunday to experience just a taste of this. GO PATS!

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Office pranks

I’ve never been one for office pranks, mainly because I’m worried about the retaliation. However, in this case, I was feeling ambitious. For no pressing reason, I decided to play a joke on one of my co-workers this week. What’s the prank you ask? Oh well it was hanging a 2ft x 2ft framed picture of myself in their cube! What better way to liven up your cubicle than a picture of MMango!?


I’d be more than happy to grace your cube if you’d like some spice in your life, just ask!

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A quick nap in Crazy Doughs

If you’re going to tuck your t-shirt into your beer belly, at least have the decency to finish your beer. There are thirsty children in high school that would kill for that beer. Stop being so selfish!

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Celebrity Sighting in Boston!

I can’t believe it! I usually never see celebs, on the Orange line nonetheless. But check out this sighting, it’s Precious from the movie Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire! Literally star struck!


Oh wait, that’s not her? … Awkward

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Real Housewives of South Boston


Pretty much hit the nail on the head with this clip. Now for the record, my mother’s from Southie, and majority of my family as well, and NONE of the them act like this. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about the rest of the city.

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Finally on my way to NYC

After an hour and a half delay I’m finally on my way to NYC to visit Elizadeth. It’s been almost 7 years from the last time I went to NYC to visit her. Let’s just say that the current standing is NYC: 1 and MMango: 0. I was 18, got into my first bar, blacked out and ended up throwing up on Elizadeth’s roommate’s stuff.


Big win for NYC.


Well this is my rematch, I’m going to arrive late and finish strong. Maybe that means taking my moms advice and not drinking out of my flask…



…or maybe not

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How I spent my time with Irene

So in Boston, Irene was pretty much no where to be seen. I mean sure, there were a couple downed trees and branches flying around but besides that, it was just some heavy rain on Saturday. Well, I went to my parents house on Saturday, to be there if anything bad happened from the storm (really just to do my laundry). Needless to say, things got boring fast. I wasn’t there for an hour before my sister and I cracked open our first of many bottles of wine.

Now the issue was how do we kill time? Our first plan was to play a game of Scrabble. Hurricanes + Drinking + Board games = Success. 100% of the time. However, that got old after I smoked my English teaching sister by about 100 points (pat myself on the back). So now we were back to square one. Both of us really bored – nothing good on TV. What happened next was interesting. Maybe it was the 3rd bottle of wine talking, maybe it was the cabin fever, maybe I just do weird things, but anyhow, I challenged my sister to a Rock Paper Scissors contest.

The stakes were high.  Loser had to go stand out in the hurricane and withstand the torrential downpour. First throw, I toss out paper, she goes with scissors. I’m already down 1. Next, I double up and throw paper again. She throws rock. Tied it up, 1-1. Next throw wins. I go for an unorthodox approach and throw out ANOTHER paper and she throws….

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Amish invasion of Boston

So leaving work yesterday I encountered this duo of Amish men… or should I say, one Amish man and one Amish midget. I did my best job conducting a sneaky photoshoot, so here is my evidence:

Normally, I get skeeved out by midgets – little hands, normal sized head, whatever I’m weird. But I was actually intrigued by this one. Maybe because these two were like Dr. Evil and Mini Me. Both had straw hats, both had Redwings, both snapping suspenders, and the icing on the cake was both having the stereotypical chin beard. I followed them as long as I could, straight wilderness tracker style, because let’s be honest, seeing Amish people in Boston is a novelty like…. seeing Amish people in Boston.

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