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It’s Friday



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I’m 5 seconds away from buying this Justin Bieber T-shirt


It’s a cat, but it looks like Bieber. Should I have somebody stop me???

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Kitty in the Claw Machine


I’m not one to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty sick at the claw machine game. I’ve got about 9 stuffed animals in my grandparents house to prove it. That being said, give me $2 and I guarantee I get you a living, breathing pussy… cat.


Honestly, I’d probably go broke playing this game trying to win this cat, THANK GOD I wasn’t the one filming this video.

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Reason no. 87 why I don’t want kids: the abused cat edition

Funny…but absolutely terrifying. Why are children so creepy? That laugh sounds like satan himself. And how/why is that cat so patient? Did that tabbie get roofied? I can’t figure out how that cat is not clawing the faces off of both of those girls…

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This made me LOL today (8/23/11)

So I got an IM from MMango yesterday with a link. I wasn’t able to open it yesterday because I was ass deep in work mode BUT I did get the chance this morning to sneak a peak…and I was not disappointed in the least:

Best way to start a day.

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The NYT is looking for your favorite bodega cat

I realized I haven’t talked about cats in a while (and I was reminded that this is cats-only blog by a friend at dinner this weekend). That said, below is a mockumentary on bodega cats aka the most wild, exotic creatures in the concrete jungle:

Everyone has a favorite bodega cat (mine happens to be at the little Mexican deli on 13th and A that serves the best tamales I’ve ever eaten in my entire life).

Anyways, the NYT’s is looking for YOUR favorite bodega cat. Put the spotlight on your feline friend and submit the following info to bodegacatsnyt@gmail.com:

1.  neighborhood of bodega

2.  name of cat if known

3. attributes of cat

Please do this. I really want a cat slideshow on the City Room page (it’s easier to explain the NY Times URL to my IT department than CuteRoulette or something equally as non-work related).

Via City Room

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AMBER ALERT: Missing Cat!

Please, if anyone sees this two dimensional cat go to Apartment B. I can’t stress this enough.  The cat has an oversized head, its name is Sam, it’s small and her legs are very stiff and straight. APARTMENT B PEOPLE!

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Am I blind?

Okay seriously, I’m either blind or semi-retarded. I’ve been staring at this image for a good hour or so and I still can’t figure it out. This optical illusion is supposed be viewed as spinning in each opposite directions. I can only see it moving from left to right. I’m usually good at these illusions. I used to fucking own those Magic Eye books, but I think I lost my touch? Am I the only one who can’t figure this piece of shit cat out? I like cats, but I fucking hate them right now.

Fuck you cat!

Elizadeath: I don’t understand the purpose of this or any optical illusion shit. It just makes me feel dumb when I don’t get it. I graduated from college! I drive a Dodge Neon! I SHOULD GET THIS!

MMango: Update – I still fucking hate this cat.

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