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Anyone looking for a new background?

Could be used for desktops, cell phones, print it out and hang it in your wall.. seriously – the possibilities are endless. 



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Someone get me this phone cellphone attachment


So I love talking on real telephones. Mainly because cellphones can be so uncomfortable. Also, I would NEVER own a bluetooth, so really this attachment seems like the only logical answer. Lenny fucking Kravitz, always ahead of the curve. If you don’t think this is cool, wait a year and watch this shit blow up. Lenny has always been ahead of the curve. I mean shit, Lenny Kravitz had a Facebook account before Zuckerberg. Lenny Kravitz invented krumping.. at a bar mitzvah none the less. Heidi Klum only married Seal because she thought he was Lenny Kravitz.

Lenny fucking Kravitz, you sandbaggin’ son of a bitch!

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Phone emergency: I’m stuck in 2008

So, as per usual, I had a rowdie weekend here in the city. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I may or may not have flamenco danced with a Jackson Hole-ian in the middle of a bar; I may or may not have worn an American flag bandana Rambo style at one point this weekend; and I may or may not have lost my phone.

Yes, my life source. Gone. Dead. Forever. I desperately called the bar that night (and by night, I mean 4AM) through Gmail to see if someone had turned it in. They may or may not have been really annoyed with my hysterics.

But not to fear! I, like my father, am a slight hoarder and fortunately have held onto the first Blackberry I ever owned:

Takes “crackberry” to a whole new meaning, right? For the record, it did not look like then when I got it. That happened when I was living in Boston. I decided to take a lot of tequila to the face one night, ended up heeling my phone (accidentally stepping on it while wearing high heels) and had to convince the bartender NOT to kick me out…that my 4.5″ heels were the reason I couldn’t stand up straight.

I digress.

The real dilemma now is how the fuck am I supposed to carry around a phone that looks like it has a mustache in the upper right corner and still be taken seriously at work? I’m screwed. I’m definitely doing to get canned for this one. But my upgrade isn’t for another 3 months (thank you for ending your early upgrade policy, Verizon) and I’m too cheap to pay for a replacement so I’m asking you, kind followers of MDHT, to lend me your technology. If you have a quasi professional looking smart phone just chillin’ in your apt, please send an email to mdhtblog@gmail.com and I will provide shipping instructions from there. If you happen to have an HTC Trophy just hanging out, that would be really awesome. I’ve been eyeing one and, since I have no desire to get an iPhone/even be associated with the brand (I already struggle with being called a hipster), I think it would be the perfect summer accessory for me.


Your prayers for my former BB…and technological donations are greatly appreciated.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife… has a celly!?

Okay, so I came across this article on Technolog via MSNBC and apparently, there is footage of a woman (or man) walking in a Charlie Chaplin movie, from 1928, with what looks like a cell phone. Now I’m no conspiracy theorist, but HOLY FUCKING SHIT THERE IS A TIME TRAVELER AMONGST US. Hide yo kids, Hide yo wife, and Hide yo husband too cuz everybodys about to be time traveling. Now, lets get one thing straight, this isn’t the time traveling that I’m used to doing every weekend… aka black out drinking, this is straight up 2010 to 1928 time traveling, Marty McFly shit. Watch the video below, they slow it down and zoom it in like 600 times. Let us know what you think.

Elizadeath: I think she’s holding an ice pack to her face cause her husband just beat her…but maybe I’m just a realist/pessimist?

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